Frugal Friday~

Welcome to this week's Frugal Friday!

I have some really fun links to share for this week's Frugal Round-up...

First, I adore this darling thumb tack ampersand art from Life in Velvet

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Daily Dealz~

This post is sponsored by GroopDealz.

Do you love daily deal sites?  I sure do!  And today I wanted to share one of my favorites with you...just in case you haven't already heard of them.

I LOVE  GroopDealz!

GroopDealz is always offering some daily deal that I'm swooning over.

They have fun deals for your home.

For your wardrobe.

For your kids' wardrobes.

And of course they offer fabulous jewelry (my favorite!)

If you don't want to miss out on their great daily deals, may I suggest signing up for their daily newsletter? You'll get an update of their newest daily deals right in you inbox.

Personally,  I also follow them on Instagram.  It's a great way to see daily deals too (although you get to see them all at once in the newsletter.)

Seriously guys!  GroopDealz is one of my favorites...and a girl always shares her best shopping resources with her friends!

Have a great day...Happy Shopping!


GroopDealz sponsored this post.  But the opinions expressed are 100% mine.  I love GroopDealz!!


Frugal Friday~

Welcome to this week's edition of Frugal Friday!

So glad you could come by!

Let's jump right into my Frugal Round-up from last week's party...

First up, I have couple of fun Valentine's projects.

This one is from Home Made Modern.   These recycled crayons are adorable!  They'd make a great Valentine's card add-on for your kiddo to take to school.

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Meet Megan~

Hello Lovelies!

I'm so excited to introduce you to an amazingly, insanely, unbelievably talented photographer today.

I snapped this photo of Megan with my iPhone while she was photographing for the book.

Remember when I told you that I'm writing a book?  Well, what decorating book would be complete without beautiful photography?  Lucky for me, I get to have Megan of Megan Hobson Photography as the photographer for my book!

This is the entry hall light in the Parade Home.  I love the composition of this photo.  Megan has a great eye!
I was introduced to Megan through our mutual friend (remember my friend Kara whose house I decorated for the Parade of Homes?)  Well, when I told Kara that I was looking for someone to photograph the Parade house, she recommended Megan.    And how lucky I am that she did.

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Megan's Travel Series is stunning!

Megan is a fine art photographer, and her background in fine art gives her an amazing eye for shape and color. You can find her beautiful fine art photography on her site...and lucky for us, she sells her prints.   She did a fabulous job photographing the Parade house, so when this book opportunity came my way, I immediately thought of her!

As much as I love all of Megan's photos...her chair series is my favorite!

I'm so grateful she agreed to photograph my book.  Her incredible talent will truly make my book unforgettable.

This photo is simply amazing.   The shapes and colors are fabulous!

You can check out her work on her website....or follow her on Instagram.  I can't wait for you to see the amazing job she's doing on the book!

Have a great day~


Using Dressers as Nightstands~

Thanks to IKEA for collaborating on this project.

I have been wanting to replace the dresser and side table that I have been using as nightstands for quite some time.  Aside from the fact that I wasn't happy with the way they looked (so unhappy, in fact, that I have no pictures showing both sides of the bed at the same time), I also really wanted a more symmetrical look and I needed increased storage in my bedroom. 

My bedroom is also my office, and since I have a small desk with very little storage, I thought adding more storage for office supplies would be beneficial, and using a dresser in place of a nightstand was the perfect idea.

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Frugal Friday~

Welcome to this week's edition of Frugal Friday!

Can you believe we're half way through January already?  Where does the time go?   So let's party!!

My Frugal Round-up today features some cute and clever projects...

First up, I was extremely impressed with this DIY faux marble table shared by Lilyfield Life.  That's some impressive painting talent.

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Terrific Homes Tuesday: Beautiful Contemporary Home Tour~

It's been a while since I've done a Terrific Homes Tuesday post.  But I have a fun one for today.  Over Thanksgiving, I had the chance to go to Southern California to visit my sister.  And while I was there I was able to tour a beautiful home which was designed by the architecture firm that my brother-in-law works for, Guy Dreier Designs.

Had I known I was going to get the chance to see such a beautiful home, I would have brought my big-girl camera with me.  As it was, all I had with me was my cell phone. (What kind of a blogger am I?) Please know that these photos, taken with my cell phone - some of which are even a little blurry - in no way do this home justice, but I just had to share them with you anyway. 

I wish that I had a better photo of the exterior.  It was beautiful especially at twilight which is when we arrived at the home.

The home was a "spec home".  Which, in builder talk, means that it was not built for a specific client, but was built with the intent to sell it afterwards.  My brother in law told me that it was smaller than the majority of homes the firm designs at around 6000 square feet and was going to be listed at around $7 million if I recall correctly.

Guy Dreier Designs specializes in high-end, contemporary home design.  The homes they design are, as their website states, studies in sculptural shapes and organic warm spaces. 

This is the best photo I have of the main living area.  The section in the center is a step-down bar area.  In the distance is the dining area.
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Frugal Friday~

Welcome to this week's edition of Frugal Friday!

I have some great posts to share for this week's Frugal Round-up...

First, Namely Original shared this clever girl's headboard that she made out of an old footboard and some chalkboard paint.  Love this!

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Home Depot Gift Card Winner~

Ahem. So do you remember clear back at the beginning of December when I posted about my Hot Chocolate Bar?

Well, if  you do, you might also recall that that particular post was a giveaway for a $200 gift card from Home Depot and some P&G cleaning products.

With all the excitement of  the holidays, it appears that I sort of forgot to post the winner of the giveaway.

My bad.

So today, I'm going to fix that.

The winner of the Home Depot gift card giveaway is Julie D.!  Congrats Julie!  Please drop me an email and we'll get you set up with your prize!!

Better late than never, right?  RIGHT? Lol!



I am Writing a Book~

Do you have a bucket list?  I do.  Some of the items on my list are pretty far out there, and I don't know if I'll every get to actually cross them off.  And truthfully, this particular item was one of those that I thought might be out of my reach...but it turns out that I have been given the opportunity to check off one of the most important items on my bucket list.  And I couldn't be more excited!! 

And because my blogging friends/readers are one of the biggest reasons I have been given this amazing chance, I wanted to share the news with all of you...


This has seriously been a dream of mine since I was a little girl.  I can't remember a time when I didn't want to write a book.  So when I say I couldn't be more excited, I'm not exaggerating. 

I received my book offer a few months ago, and have been working feverishly ever since.  And I am absolutely thrilled with what is developing!

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Frugal Friday~

Welcome to this week's edition of Frugal Friday!

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and a safe and happy New Year celebration!  I always love the beginning of the year.  It's so full of hope!

Do you have a word of the year?  I shared mine yesterday.  You can read about it here.  And if you missed my favorite posts of 2013, you can find them here.

As for my Frugal Round-up...because of all of my holiday frivolity for the past week, today I'm sharing just one post...but what a post it was! 

Visual Eye Candy shared her daughter's big girl bedroom and I'm in love!  That wall!  The Floor!  Those pillows!  It's no secret that I'm crushing on gold right now.  And I think I could be perfectly happy in little Brynlee's big girl room.  Lol!

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My 2014 Word of the Year~

Happy New Year!

If 2013 taught me anything, it taught me that I am in charge of making my life the life I want it to be.  I cannot control everything that happens to me.  I certainly cannot control the decisions or actions of others.  But I CAN control my reaction to those things.

I can take the reigns of my life and turn them in the direction I want to go.  I can grasp the opportunities that come my way and hold fast to them.  I can show my love for my family and friends through my words and actions.
And so for the year of 2014, I have chosen to focus on the word JOY.

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